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HOW to make podcast feed

How to make Automatic podcast RSS feed

If you have a web site, perhaps you want to podcast. An easy way to do a podcast file an RSS feed from a mp3 files directory is to use a script in PHP. dirCaster is a php script that allows one to very easily start Podcasting mp3 files from their web host. This allows original content creators to easily provide a feed for Mirpod iPodder, jPodder, etc. Podcasting is the best way to diffuse your creations, it’s more easy than with playlist xml or xspf files.

Open source code based on dircaster 0.4 by Ryan King (http://www.shadydentist.com)

ID3v2.x tag support added by Warren Stone fasttr@gmail.com and utilizing getid3 library by James Heinrich info@getid3.org ( http://www.getid3.org. iTunes specific tag support by Warren Stone)

DirCaster v0.4: Automatic podcast RSS feed maker

Drop the script "dircaster.php" in a directory, say "podcast" , and it will generate an RSS feed suitable for Mirpod, iPodder, etc based off the MP3 files in that directory. To cast a new file, simply upload it to the directory containing this script.

Feed information is based on id3 tags, requires PHP4 or better, and getid3 library.

Note: Avoid spaces in your MP3 filenames to avoid ugly filenames coming out of iPodder and Mirpod.


1. Place "dircaster.php" on a server wich supports PHP4 or greater. Put it on a directory, say "podcast"

2. Place MP3 files to feed in the same directory, add new files at will

3. Place the directory "getid3" on your server in a directory getid3

4. So now you have a podcast feed, you can check it with the menu "VALIDATE". Your podcast adress is now :

Ex. http://www.mysite.com/podcast/dircaster.php

5. Set the variables at the top of dircaster.php to match your setup if you wish (option)

Get the current version of the script

I am sure there are far better ways to do what this script does, comments and suggestions are welcome.

As always, use at your own risk. This software should be considered experimental.

To upgrade from a prior version simply copy the new dircaster.php script over your old one and edit the configuration varibles at the top to taste.

v0.1: Inital release
- Fixed handling of uppercase file extensions
- Multiple periods in filenames no longer break things
- Fixed code that determines root URL if register_globals is turned off, thanks Arne.
- Added handling to allow filenames with HTML special symbols to w

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