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Free mini mp3 flash player

Free mini mp3 flash player very light for your Blog

If you want a mini mp3 flash player for your web site, your blog try this. If you prefer a podcast player with playlist, a XSPF Podcast Web Music Player go there: virtual iPod on your website.

This player is very very light, 2 Ko only, it reads and plays mp3 files.
There the few lines of HTML code to put on your website. Just change the name of your mp3 file, add a text if you want. (2 changes)

You can navigate on the mp3 file just click on the progressive cursor.
You can change the value of the "bgcolor" parameter, white in this case.
If you use this player thanks to you to add a link to http://www.mirpod.com. And of course donations are welcome.
You can use these player with many platforms and software like : Typepad, Dotclear, WordPress, Spip, MySpace ...
This player have been updated since the first version so stay tuned

How to use it :

Copy these 2 codes in your computer (click right, copy to) for example in a directory c:\mirpod The first code is the Flash Player a file with swf as extension. The second file is in format text. Change this format in Html format. Put a mp3 file in the same directory, with name test.mp3. So you have 3 files : mini_player_mp3.swf mini_player_mp3.html and test.mp3.
Click on the Html file and you will see the player.

To put this player on your website, upload the swf and the mp3 file and put the following lines in your Html page. Of course you have to put the complete adress for the player and the mp3 file. So change mysite.com by the adress of your site:


If you prefer to customize your player, you can make yourself a mp3 podcast player for your Blog website with the colors you like :

Model II to customize :

— > make your customized mp3 player model II

Download the player :


MODEL III Mini Player in AS3 action script 3

New audio/video options
Flash Player 9 Update 3 includes H.264 video and High Efficiency AAC (HE-AAC) audio codec support that opens up a broad ecosystem and selection of standards-based video — up to HD quality. Flash Player can play back existing MP4, M4A, MOV, MP4V, 3GP and 3G2 content.

Here an AS3 player :

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